Jimmy Palmiotti
An impressive accumulation of talent and hard work to his name, James "Jimmy" Palmiotti attributes his success to his attention for detail when rendering the human form. When applying his inks over another artist's pencils, Jimmy never hesitates to add the correct highlight or shadow to enhance the artwork without sacrificing the penciler's style. He treats the representations of both sexes with equal regard. Jimmy portrays the male figure with all the romantic nuance of a Harlequin paperback. And though his rendering of the female form is always idyllic, it is never insulting. Is it any wonder that Jimmy is the most sought after inker by the comic industry's top pencilers? Born in Brooklyn, Jimmy graduated from Manhattan's prestigious High School of Art and Design. Enrolling in the New York Technical College and then in the Art Student's League, Jimmy soon began a successful career as a graphic artist. But his passion for comic books quickly suppressed any desire to be a graphic artist. This passion began as a flirtation with his first issue of Superman and ignited into a full-fledged love affair with Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four and Jim Steranko's Captain America. With the help of his high school buddy Mark Texeira, Jimmy made the unprecedented leap to Marvel Comics, surpassing the route taken by most artists through smaller companies. Inking such familiar titles as The Punisher, Ghost Rider, and the critically acclaimed The 'Nam, Jimmy's reputation grew in proportion to his ability. Jimmy has inked Marvel's Punisher 2099, DC's Judge Dredd, Amalgam's Super Soldier, Dark Horse's X, Deathwish, Aliens and Predators, Valiant's Solar and Ninjak, and Image's Vanguard. He has also painted several trading cards for Marvel Masterworks, Dynamic Forces, Star Wars, Batman Forever, and more. The young artist inked Vampirella for Harris Publications. After years as a successful, respected inker, Jimmy is now garnering himself a reputation as a talented penciler as well. He has penciled Namor #39, Genesis #0, and Vampirella #0. But his most accomplished task to date is co-founding Event Comics and co-creating Ash, a fire-fighting superhero, with his partner, Joe Quesada. In addition to Ash, Jimmy planned to write, pencil, and ink new books for Event Comics, including 22 Brides and PainKiller Jane. Though maintaining the high standards set by Ash on a regular basis is a difficult and time-consuming task, Jimmy can't think of anything else he would rather be doing that would be as satisfying to himself and his public.