Tom Smith
Born on November 16, 1956, Tom Smith, like most people in the biz, fell in love with comics at a young age. More than anything else, he wanted to draw comics. Time passed. Tom fell in love and married his lovely wife, Rita, and started raising a family. But his dream never strayed far from comics. After the birth of two beautiful daughters, Tom decided heíd had enough of working in a factory. It was time to pursue his dream. He took night classes at the Joe Kubert School and drove two-and-a-half hours each way. Tom finally quit his factory job and took on work as a color separator at Murphy Andersonís Visual Concepts. There he learned about the coloring and manufacturing side of the comic business. But Tom didnít get his big break until he met Marvelís promotional editor, Fabian Nicieza. Fabian liked Tomís airbrush work enough to offer him the coloring of an Iron Man promotional poster drawn by Bob Layton. Unfortunately, Tom didnít get another assignment for over a year. In 1990, Tom was hired once again to color a promo poster of John Byrneís cover to Namor #1. John liked the coloring so much that he insisted it be used on the cover of the actual comic. Thatís when Tomís career began to take off. He worked for many different comic book publishers, on such titles as Nexus and Grimjack. He airbrush colored over 150 covers for Malibu Comics. And he kept right on working for Marvel on Marvel Comics Presents and over a yearís run on Nomad. Tom was still working full time as a color separator and was expecting a third daughter when he was offered the coloring job of a lifetime. Tomís dream of working on his favorite comic book character, the Hulk, came true with Future Imperfect, a two-part prestige comic book written and drawn by two of the industryís finest talents, Peter David and George Perez. Tom had always admired Georgeís work, and he honors the friendship that continues between them to this day. After Future Imperfect, Tomís career really began to skyrocket. He finally quit his production job, never to return. Tom has since colored some of Marvelís best-selling titles, including X-Men 2099, Venom, Marvel Team-Up, Silver Surfer, and his current favorite, The Avengers, over the artwork of his buddy George Perez. Tom continues to color comics now using the computer as a tool more frequently than his airbrush.