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The Day the Angels Cried - Print - 34 X 24

The Day the Angels Cried - Print  - 34 X 24, Brothers Hildebrandt
The Day the Angels Cried - Print - 34 X 24

Brothers Hildebrandt
34.5 x 22.25

Millions of fans around the world know and love Greg and Tim Hildebrandt for the original 1977 Star Wars Movie poster and their J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings calendar art.

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt were devastated by the events of September 11th as was the rest of our country. Having friends and family near ground zero that day gave them a new perspective on everything. They immediately put aside their illustration work to create art that would in some way make a difference in all of this madness, an image that would help give recognition to those who have fallen.

Each print is individually signed by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt and can be personalized by Greg & Tim to specific person's name if you wish.