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Fantastic Four #49

Fantastic Four #49, Jack Kirby
Fantastic Four #49
Jack Kirby

A Marvel classic by the legendary King of Comics, Jack Kirby -- brilliantly reproduced as a super-sized, fine art giclee on canvas -- an edition of 70 pieces. JACK KIRBY is one of the most influential and prolific of all comic artists. The co-creator of The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and literally, hundreds of other characters, he is one of the true innovators of the comic book medium. Beginning in the 1940s with his collaborations on Captain America with Joe Simon, straight through the fifties and sixties, when he teamed successfully with Stan Lee to create the Marvel Universe and into the 1970s when he brought his Fourth World mythologies to DC Comics, his art and stories have proved unstoppable. Among the many iconic characters that are a part of the Kirby legacy: Silver Surfer, Thor, Galactus, Dr. Doom, Nick Fury and Iron Man. Although Kirby and the superheroes he drew are his most indelible creations, there was hardly a genre of comic art that he did not excel at, including romance comics, science fiction, horror and westerns. The New York Times said that Kirby created a new grammar of storytelling and Neil Gaiman perhaps, said it best: Jack Kirby made comics move. Two classic Kirby covers are among the first images reproduced for the Marvel ArtWorks series. The significance of FANTASTIC FOUR #49 is well-established in the Marvel ethos. Published in 1966, it marked the second chapter The Galctus Trilogy and only the second-ever appearance of The Silver Surfer, who is prominently featured on one of King Kirbys most striking covers.