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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider, Clayton Crain
Ghost Rider
Clayton Crain

Marvel's incredible hero of the night, Ghost Rider, in an amazing cover piece by illustrator CLAYTON CRAIN, reproduced from the original art in a fine art, edition of just 100. Clayton Crain is one of the great new comic book artists utilizing the latest technology to create bold visual storytelling. Crain employs digital painting techniques almost entirely. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada stated that Clayton Crain's work was like a mixture of the world's greatest tattoo artist and Leonardo Da Vinci. Crain did a highly acclaimed four issue run entitled Venom vs. Carnage, introducing the character he co-created Toxin. Crain has worked on several important Marvel series, including X-Men,The Sensational Spider-Man, X-Force, Silver Surfer, Marvel Zombies and Wolverine. The Crain ground-breaking work on the 2005 revival of Ghost Rider, Road to Damnation resulted in the powerful image reproduced for the Marvel ArtWorks series.

Signed by Clayton Crain.