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Iron Man #26

Iron Man #26, Joe Quesada
Iron Man #26

Joe Quesada

Iron Man, one of the most popular heroes of the day, comes to life in this fantastic signed and numbered edition of 10 by Marvel Comics pro JOE QUESADA. Joe Quesada is a comic book editor, writer and artist. Born and raised in Queens, NY, the son of Cuban immigrants, his first comics were created for independent Valiant Comics. Subsequently, he formed his own company, Event Comics. He joined Marvel Comics in 1998 and after shepherding the successful Marvel Knights series, became Marvel editor-in-chief in 2000 -- the first artist ever to hold that title at Marvel. As editor, Joe channeled the energy of Marvel founder Stan Lee, and immediately set about revitalizing the company in the mighty Marvel manner. Quesada used his keen eye for talent to bring in new creators to revitalize the company flagship properties. Quesada compositions reflect both the influence of Japanese manga and an art nouveau style. In addition to his editing duties, he has continued to bring his innovative style to such characters as Daredevil, Spider-Man and Iron Man. Iron Man 26, from 1998, the striking cover image, is reproduced from the original art by Every Picture Tells A Story Marvel ArtWorks