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Said the Spider to the Fly - 3D Print

Said the Spider to the Fly - 3D Print, Greg Hildebrandt
Said the Spider to the Fly - 3D Print

Greg Hildebrandt

Spiderwebart Gallery has everything for anyone! Unlike a regular poster, this poster features Greg Hildebrandt’s gorgeous Said the Spider to the Fly with a 3D background! To get this effect each print has to go through a tedious and careful process.The total design time ranges between 6 to 15 hours for rendering a new piece.

The “Subject” is always printed on crystal clear media (like polycarbonate or acrylic), about 3mm or 1/8” thick, usually 2nd surface (back side) for a great see-through-the-glass experience.

Subsequently, in a layering process that takes about 30x longer than the print itself, lacquer is applied around the “Subject” on the 1st (top) surface. Each lacquer layer is individually dried before laying down the next layer. At the end of many layerings, the lacquer stack has built tiny lenses that are designed to have a focal point that picks up a pattern, which when multiplied, yields the dimensional surround effect.

This striking piece was completed by Greg in September 2013. Stunning and dark, this puppet is a new favorite of Greg's. For years he has tried to find the time to start a series of paintings that are of collectibles he has from his childhood, and now he has!

"Said the Spider to the Fly" was the first place winner in the category of still life for the 2014/2015 Art Renewal Center's Annual Salon Competition. Greg was honored to have this piece on display in the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, Spain, and the Salmagundi Club in New York City. This painting was the first among Greg's puppets in the "Kid Stuff" series, and it represents a great affection for the many toys he has collected throughout his lifetime, no matter how aged and unloved they may be. Every crack adds character, every scratch has a story, and every toy is cherished by Greg.

This is the second piece in the "Kid Stuff" series.