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Fantasy/Trading Card SetFrom Tolkien to Robin HoodGreg HildebrandtCard Sets$30
Star Wars/Shadows of the EmpireStar Wars / Shadows uncut card sheetBrothers HildebrandtCard Sets$250
Fantasy/Trading Card SetFlights of Fantasy uncut card sheetTim HildebrandtCard Sets$50
Fantasy/Trading Card SetGH: 30 Years of Magic II uncut card sheetGreg HildebrandtCard Sets$150
Marvel/Trading Card ArtX-Men 2099 Oasis uncut card sheetBrothers HildebrandtCard Sets$150
Fantasy/Trading Card Set   Flights of FantasyTim HildebrandtCard Sets$30
Comic Art/Trading Card Set   QFX uncut card sheetJoe QuesadaCard Sets$50
Marvel/Trading Card Set   Marvel Masterpieces uncut sheetBrothers HildebrandtCard Sets$150
Marvel/Trading Card Set   Marvel Masterpieces Holofoil uncut card sheetBrothers HildebrandtCard Sets$175